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Terms & Conditions


1.1 Please, read our "Terms and Conditions" carefully before entering, Seller). Your access to and use of the Service indicate that you have accepted our "Terms and Conditions." These "Terms and Conditions" shall apply to all visitors and other users who have logged in or use our Service.

1.2 Terms

"Seller" means an online store called, managed by ItalCo with its registered office at Loc. San Piero, 9 50067 Rignano sull'Arno (FI) Italia P. Iva 06773760480.

"Customer" means a person who uses the fromITALYonline service and signed in for the purpose of purchase.

"Goods" means an item or a service placed on the fromITALYonline service for the purpose of sale.

"Order" means a set of the Customer’s actions aimed at the purchase.

1.3 The information provided by the Seller on the website , cannot be complete and exhaustive. The Seller reserves the right to change, supplement or delete any information, goods, and services without prior notice.


2.1 The goods presented in the fromITALYonline online store are provided with a brief description and a price, dimensions, weight of the goods, options available when ordering, delivery time and other required information. For the convenience of choosing the goods by the Customer, there is an option of comparing different goods and adding them to the bookmarks for further consideration.

2.2 The prices for the goods in the online store fromITALYonline can be displayed in EUR, USD and RUB at the Customer's choice, the base currency being Euro. The currency conversion shall be carried out at the internal exchange rate of the online store. These prices include all taxes in Italy in accordance with Italian law.

The Seller shall not be liable for any eventual collection of customs duties, other taxes or charges in the Customer's country in accordance with local laws.

2.3 Signing in

The visitor who wants to make a purchase in the online store shall sign in. By signing in, the Visitor shall declare and guarantee that: a) in accordance with laws of the country of his/her citizenship, s/he has the right to use the services provided by fromITALYonline, including the payment for the purchase by available means; b) the data entered by him/her when signing in are true and complete; c) s/he agrees to the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with the law.

Upon completion of signing in, the Customer receives a notice of signing in to the e-mail address specified by the Customer.

The Seller reserves the right to close or temporarily block the Customer's account without prior notice or explanation. These actions do not entail any liability of the Seller to the Customer.

2.4 Ordering and paying for the goods

The procedure of ordering the selected product is simple and clear: simply choose the required options in the product card (if any), specify the required quantity, click on the "Buy" button and go to the checkout page.

On this page, you need to choose the method of delivery of the goods (to calculate the cost of delivery), fill in the delivery form and choose the payment method. If you are not a customer of the online store yet, you can sign in on the same page.

Payment for goods in the online store shall be made through the world's largest payment system PayPal, which accepts all major types of credit and debit cards; just create a PayPal account and all subsequent payments will be made in one click.

NB: The online store does not have access to the Customer's payment information (information about bank cards and other payment means); these operations are performed by the PayPal payment system under an agreement with the online store.

The payment can also be made by wire transfer if preferred.

After payment for the goods, the Customer shall receive an order confirmation and payment to the e-mail address specified by the Customer from the online store.

2.5 Special cases when selling goods

In the event of sale of the goods representing the cultural value (more than 50 years old according to the Italian law, and in some cases less, regardless of the cost) outside Italy and the European Union, the Seller shall obtain an export permit from the competent Italian state authorities (the permit is issued within 45-60 days). Should the state authorities refuse to issue such a permit, the Seller shall notify the Customer of the failure to ship the purchased goods and agree with the Customer on the terms of a refund. This case is a force majeure and, accordingly, shall not give rise to any claim of the Customer to the Seller and does not result in fines, penalties, etc. for the Seller.


3.1 The goods purchased by the Customer in the online store fromITALYonline shall be delivered by courier delivery services. Based on our experience, we choose a specific courier service (optimal in terms of cost and delivery time) to send goods to our customers in a particular country.

3.2 The cost of delivery of the goods selected by the Customer shall be calculated online during the order placement process. The cost of delivery includes mandatory cargo insurance. The cost of delivery (including insurance) of the selected product shall be paid simultaneously with payment for the product.

3.3 Delivery times are indicative and depend on delivery service capabilities. We reserve the right to change the service or method of delivery, provided that this shall not increase the cost of delivery to the Customer and shall not result in an inadequate change of delivery times. Such a change shall not give rise to any claim against the online store by the Customer or fines, penalties, etc. for the online store.

3.4 We shall not be responsible to the Customer for the delivery term and the quality of services provided by the delivery service, but we are always ready to cooperate with the Customer in the event of the latter's claims related to delivery.

3.5 After the transmission of the goods to the delivery service, we send to the Customer a notice with the parcel tracking number for the Customer to be able to track his/her goods using the delivery service website.

3.6 When you receive a parcel with goods from the delivery service, please:

- Make sure that the package is intact and there is no external damage;

- Open the parcel in the presence of the delivery service representative, if there is any external damage, a sign of tampering, or suspicious noise inside the parcel;

- Note the defects of package or goods, if any, in the shipping documents of the delivery service.

The further actions of the Buyer for this case are described in the "Goods quality and claims."


4.1 The quality of the goods in the fromITALYonline online store complies with the manufacturer's standards and the laws of the country of origin of the goods.

4.2 The goods sold in the category "Antiques/Vintage", due to its peculiarities, may have natural wear and tear and damage, which is not a disadvantage or defect of the goods and does not imply a reduction in the price of this product. Significant damage, signs of wear and tear, etc. shall be specified in the product details, if possible, and can be detailed upon the Customer’s request.

4.3 When the goods arrived with damages inflicted in the course of delivery (see paragraph 3.6), the Customer shall notify the Seller of the same as soon as possible (within 3 days), attach photos of the goods and a document of the delivery service. Further actions are to be taken by agreement between the Seller and the Customer.

4.4 If the Customer has any complaints about the quality of the goods (not related to any damage in the course of delivery), the Customer shall notify the Seller of its complaints within 14 days of receipt of the goods in writing by e-mail The Seller shall examine the Customer's claims as soon as possible and communicate its decision to the Customer. In the event of a dispute, the Seller shall make every effort to settle the dispute by negotiation.


5.1 If the goods purchased from our online shop do not meet your expectations for any reason, then according to Italian law, you can contact us within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods to exchange it for some other or to receive a refund.

We value our customers, and have therefore made this process simple and understandable for you; just fill in the form in the “Exchange and Return of Goods” section and send it to us, and we will contact you immediately.

5.2 Please, remember that the following goods may not be returned:

- custom-made according to your specifications

- discounted

- used and/or damaged after receipt

- gift certificates.

5.3 After we confirm the procedure of the exchange/refund of the goods, you can send the goods back to us (preferably in the original packaging) using any courier service convenient for you. Remember that in this case, the shipping cost and the risk of loss of or damage to the goods during shipment shall be your sole responsibility.

5.4 After we receive the goods returned by you, we will replace them within 5 business days in accordance with your decision (provided that the goods are in stock) or refund to you the amount paid less the shipping cost.


6.1 The Seller may not be held liable for failure to perform its obligations to the Customer when such failure is caused by the force majeure such as war, strike (affecting the company or one of its service providers), lockout, accident, fire, snowfall, flood, bad weather, disruption or suspension of communication and/or transport, blockade, export blockade, ban on import or export, discontinuation of production or delivery, regulatory decision of the administrative supervisory authority etc.

6.2 In this situation, the Seller shall inform the Customer of the failure to perform its obligations and steps taken in this regard.


7.1 The contents of website are the intellectual property of the copyright holder.

7.2 Any reproduction, copying, imitation, publication, transfer, sale or commercial use of one or more intellectual property rights on any medium, or a part thereof, requires the prior authorization of the copyright holder in writing.


8.1 The fromITALYonline service, as well as its owners, managers, staff and third parties shall not be liable for any indirect or accidental losses, including the loss of profit, data, reputation and other intangible losses resulting from the ability or inability to use the Service; any manifestation or actions of the third parties; any information obtained through the use of the Service; or unauthorized access to the Service.

8.2 The fromITALYonline service, as well as its owners, managers, and personnel, do not guarantee and shall not be responsible for the continuous service operation, its reliability and accessibility at any time and in any place; does not contain eventual inaccuracies and errors; the Service will always be free from viruses and malicious programs; the result of the Service use will justify your expectations.


9.1 All disputes and disagreements, which may arise between the parties when using the Service, shall be settled by negotiation. In the event of a failure to settle the disputes by negotiation, the dispute shall be referred to the courts of Florence (Italy) for consideration on the merits.

9.2 The governing law when using the fromITALYonline service shall be the Italian law.