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From Italy Online store offers some of the finest pieces of art. Make your home and office look elegant and stylish with our great selection of oil paintings made by contemporary Italian artists. An original oil or a watercolor painting is a must-have item for art aficionados, self-respecting business owners, professional interior designers, decorators, or commercial art collectors.

Buy a Unique Hand-Painted Masterpiece.

Our online store has everything you need to turn your living or working space into a miniature art gallery.

We offer:

  • Copies of famous Renaissance masterpieces and original art.
  • Works by 20 century Italian artists.
  • Modern masterpieces painted by talented local artists.
  • Authentic oil on canvas paintings inspired by the breathtaking landscapes, and rich history of Italy.
  • Abstract, imaginative works.
  • Sophisticated and charming art pieces for the right price.

Shopping with From Italy Online is a great experience.

  • All artworks are 100% hand-painted on canvas.
  • Artists with professional training, talent, and many years of experience.
  • Contemporary art, landscapes, reproduction works, and portraits.
  • Ready to decorate your interior or outdoor space.
  • Reliable, fast delivery all around the globe.
  • Browse through the store and get inspired by the views of villages, the sea, and nature.
  • Get your next great interior design idea at our store.
  • Commercial art at sensible, affordable prices.
  • Artworks look even better in real life than the images on the site.
  • Turn the walls of your house into eye-pleasing art collections.
  • With the selection of oil paintings that we offer, you can easily get anything that matches your interests and taste the best.
  • Most of the designs we offer, trace their heritage to the work of Renaissance masters.
  • Different items in our online store can be combined to create perfectly matching sets.


Buy Italian Italian paintings at From Italy Online store. We can help you become a true art connoisseur!

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Viktoriya Bubnova painting "Coffee for two" 400050034-1

  Full of metaphor and allegory the painting "Caffe in due" (Coffee for two) by the Russian art..

€ 5995.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The breathes of silence" 400131649-1

  "Sorsi di quiete" (The breathes of silence) - a picturesque canvas in yellow and red colors d..

€ 5995.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "Wind of fragrance" 400131654-1

  "Col vento di ogni fragnanza" (Wind of fragrances) - the picturesque landscape of the Tuscan ..

€ 5995.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The painted feelings" 400131625-1

   "Sentimenti dipinti" (The painted feelings) - the well-chosen format of the picture see..

€ 5760.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The blooming wonders" 400131714-01

  "Miracoli fioriti" (The blooming wonders) - a charming bouquet of discreet wildflowers, depic..

€ 5760.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The intimate smiles" 400131719-01

 "Intimi sorrisi" (The intimate smiles) - a charming bouquet of discreet wildflowers, depicted ..

€ 5760.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "Peripetia of glance" 400131610-1

  "Peripezie d'uno sguadro" (Peripetia of one glance) - a picturesque canvas in yellow col..

€ 5760.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "Joyfully glittering sabers" 400131773-1

  "Le liete sciabole lucenti" (Joyfully glittering sabers) - a charming bouquet of discree..

€ 5280.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The soft spaces" 400131746-1

  "Latitudini soffici" (The soft spaces) - endless Tuscan hills in a yellow and red autumn..

€ 5280.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The breath of flowers 2017" 400131705-1

"Sorsi di quiete" (The breathes of silence) - a picturesque canvas depicting a Tuscan town sheltered..

€ 5280.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The romantic shawl" 400131662-1

  "Lo scialle romantico" (The romantic shawl) - the cityscape of houses and roofs is one o..

€ 5280.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "Glots of quiet" 400131602-1

  "Quei sorsi di quiete" (Glots of quiet) - landscape with a Tuscan town framed by floweri..

€ 5275.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The white faces 2017" 400131752-1

  "Bianchi volti" (The white faces) - winter landscape with snow covered hills of Tuscany...

€ 5040.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "Color play" 400131601-1

"Gioco del colore" (Color play) - the seashore is another favorite theme of the Italian artist Lucia..

€ 4795.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "Glowing path" 400131601-1

"Lucente cammino" (Glowing path) - winter landscape with snow covered hills of Tuscany. The author ..

€ 4795.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "Yellow and blue" 400131774-01

  "Giallo e azzurro" (Yellow and blue) - the seashore is another favorite theme of the Ita..

€ 4795.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The simple gentle touches" 400131729-1

  "Le carezze pure" (The simple gentle touches) - languid pastel Tuscan landscape in yello..

€ 4795.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The voice of stalks" 400131612-1

   "La voce degli steli" (The voice of stalks) - a charming bouquet of discreet wildflower..

€ 4795.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The heart steps" 400131706-1

  "Passi del cuore" (The heart steps) - idyllic landscape with a Tuscan town framed by flo..

€ 4560.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The crimson rhythms" 400131622-1

  "I ritmi scarlatti" (The crimson rhythms) – a lush bouquet of bright wildflowers. ..

€ 4320.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The last soft sigh" 400131708-1

  "L’ultimo spondo monsueto" (The last soft sigh) - the seashore is another favorite..

€ 4320.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "The breath of flowers" 400131642-1

  "Il respire dei fiori" (The breath of flowers) – the magnificent flowering bush of..

€ 4320.00

Luciano Pasquini painting "Wiggle with herbs" 400131775-1

  "Ondeggiare con le erbe" (Wiggle with herbs) - classic Tuscan autumn landscape in yellow..

€ 4080.00

Viktoriya Bubnova painting "Promise of love" 400050015-1

   Full of metaphor and allegory the painting "Promessa d'amore" (Promise of love) by the ..

€ 3995.00

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