Italian pottery and majolica

History of Italian Ceramics

Italians have always been distinguished by their taste and special artistic manner, while their crafts were always elegant and beautiful. Italian ceramics is no exception.

Pottery craft began to develop in Italy very early. Italians quickly mastered it, and soon pottery was considered an honorary craft. As it was traditional in the Middle Ages, it was available only to family dynasties and inaccessible to the rest of the people.

The influence of the Renaissance

Soon Italian ceramics became known to the whole world. The most talented potters came from Spain and Italy. Spanish ceramics were not accessible to the world due to fragmentation and the weak economy of the country, and could not be produced in the same quantities as Italian. So, Italy has become and remains a country with very strong artistic side, a country that sells the fruits of the pottery craft around the world.

Pottery centers

Cities in southern Italy traditionally considered the centers of antique Italian pottery craft are Cagliari, Naples, Capodimonte. Today, pottery made in Capodimonte is the most popular one.

Initially, all the dishes in Capodimonte were made of rather soft porcelain.

By the Renaissance Italian masters they formed their own unique style.

So, it was the initial period of manufacturing Italian pottery. It reflects the Rococo era. The second wave of Italian ceramic dishes already carried the features of the Neo-classicism era.

Today, Capodimonte dishes are akin to Venetian glass.

The value of products by Italian masters

Needless to say that Italian ceramic pottery is something that is valued in the antiques market more than many other items. Italian antiques are very few and poorly represented on global markets. Actually, this is what gives the pottery made in Italy such a high price and special significance.

How to take care of ceramics items

Italian painted pottery requires the same care as all other antiques. A glass cabinet will preserve your purchase from dust and dirt, and the glass will allow you to admire these beautiful works of art. Washing these hand-painted dishes with household chemicals is not a good idea. After all, Italian antique tableware today is more than tableware. Vintage Italian pottery items are real art masterpieces.

Difficulties in choosing ceramics

It is often difficult to ascertain that Italian ceramics and pottery is authentic. This is one of the main difficulties that buyers of Italian antique ceramics face.

Also, it is important to buy an item at its true price, preferably with the help of professionals. But there are more nuances: experts usually work with major purchases.

Since antiques are often bought with the intention of selling them for a profit in the long term, it is important to acquire items that may still be of value in 5 or 10 years from now.

The best way to purchase antiques

Buying antiques at a bargain price is always a difficult decision, which ideally should be accompanied by the support of an expert. By turning to us, you can avoid most of the pitfalls that novice retro ceramics collectors stumble upon. We have online discounts, and the assortment of vintage Italian ceramics we offer is astounding.

How do we solve all the problems that arise when buying antiques?

  • All the goods are genuine, and their description and information fully correspond to the actual item.
  • The prices of antiques in our store meet your needs, not our desires.
  • The items presented in our catalog are already selected in such a way that the buyer can be sure that its purchase will be a profitable investment when selecting the item.
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