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From Italy Online is proud to present a truly unique collection of the most exotic and tasteful Italian antiques that guarantees to touch the hearts and minds of even the most insensitive audience. All the items in our collection have been purchased at antique auctions in Italy.

Visit our online store and enjoy the amazing kaleidoscopic series of exceptionally artistic rarities. All the items have been well preserved, including the inscriptions on the bases and all the minor scars that Time has left on them.

Our Italian antiques series covers a wide range of ornamental designs and artistic forms that include, among many others,

  • ceramic jugs and plates decorated in the traditional Tuscan and Deruta styles,
  • Classical vases made of Murano glass,
  • intriguing paintings by Attilio Moreddu, Luigi Leggeri and some unknown XX century Italian artists.

Special items

Four items in our collection deserve a special mention.

1. A 43-cm table clock, transformed into a porcelain vase with lion-paw legs and gilded bronze frames, mesmerises you with its elegant depictions of tranquil medieval countryside.

2. An antique showcase, topped with marble and decorated with gilded metal, ceramic miniatures and metal appliques in the style of Napoleon III, rivets you with its curved glass frames and geometric complexity.

3. The Monk and the Child, an oil painting created by an unknown artist, is a rare example of the long-forgotten fine art typical of Italian schools at the end of the XIX century.

4. Finally, The Annunciation is a copy of one of Leonardo da Vinci's most outstanding masterpieces. The painting was created by the XIX century Italian artist Bianchini, who left his signature on the front and some scribbles on the back of his creation.


We may and we will deliver your purchase to you wherever in the world you are, since we are in the possession of the official permission by the Italian authorities to export it outside Italy and the European Union. You will also receive the tracking number of your order to be able to follow it all the way to your door.

The price range

Our price list for this exceptional collection is quite reasonable and flexible. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you may treat yourself to a delightfully miniature Montopoli amphora for less than €100 or pay just under € 2,300 to become an exclusive owner of The Monk and the Child.


Feel free to contact From Italy Online if you still have any questions. Otherwise, look through our incredible collection of Italian antiques to buy the one that grips you most.

Painting "The monk and the child" 010010005-1

The painting, performed by an unknown artist of the Italian school at the turn of the XIX / XX centu..

€ 2495.00

Painting "The Annunciation" by Bianchini 010010004-1

A copy of the famous masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, made by Italian artist of the 19th century V...

€ 1795.00

Antique showcase 020010003-1

    !!! This product is sold without delivery (pickup from the seller's warehouse). C..

€ 799.00 € 995.00

Antique cabinet 020010002-1

   !!! This product is sold without delivery (pickup from the seller's warehouse). Check w..

€ 599.00 € 795.00

Tropical fish Murano glass 060000005-1

The composition, depicting tropical fish on a curved wave-shaped stand, is made of the famous colore..

€ 725.00

Decorative ceramic Chinese vase 040010001-1

  Decorative porcelain hexagonal vase with a lid (China, the 20th century). The vase is pa..

€ 645.00

Antique table clock 060000007-1

  Elegant table clock in the form of  decorative porcelain vase, painted with landscapes, ..

€ 645.00

Antique table 020010001-1

   !!! This product is sold without delivery (pickup from the seller's warehouse). Check w..

€ 325.00 € 445.00

Portrait of woman (oil on canvas) 010010001-1

   Female portrait (study), made by an unknown Italian artist of the 20th century. Oil on..

€ 375.00

Murano glass vase 060000006-1

  Author's elegant vase from the famous colored glass Murano (Italy). Noble amber hue and an am..

€ 375.00

Mirror color ebony 060000004-1

The classic rectangular mirror with facet, in a stylish carved frame painted in the color of ebony. ..

€ 295.00

Jugs for liqueur 040010002-1

Porcelain jugs for liqueur with a gilded metal neck were produced at the manufactory of Este (Italy)..

€ 295.00

Antique ceramic vase 040000004-1

  Original decorative ceramic vase made in the middle of the 20th century in Montopoli (Tuscany..

€ 295.00

Painting by Luigi Leggeri 010010002-1

Two paintings by the Italian artist Luigi Leggeri (1896-1972):  "Terme di Caracalla" (multilay..

€ 195.00 € 255.00

Landscape by Attilio Moreddu 010010003-1

Two paintings by the Italian artist Attilio Moreddu (XX century):  "Landscape" (oil on cardboa..

€ 125.00 € 175.00

Antique ceramic jug 040000007-01

  Original decorative ceramic jug made in the middle of the 20th century in Montopoli (Tus..

€ 125.00

Antique ceramic vase 040000005-1

  Original decorative ceramic vase made in the middle of the 20th century in Montopoli (Tuscany..

€ 95.00

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