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Italian Marble Statues

Italy's always been famous for its outstanding artistic skills in producing some of the most superb sculptures in Europe, and Italian artists continue to play a leading role in the modern development of this art well into the 21st century. From Italy Online would like to present an exciting collection of marble objects thoughtfully compiled to add a touch of the Antique and Classical culture to the overall decor of your house.

The selection of statues

The works of art in our marble collection are skillfully created by the great Italian sculptors Ruggeri, Furiesi and Santini commissioned to re-create world-famous sculptures for some of the most authoritative museums in the world, like the Vatican Museum, the Metropolitan Museum and the Hermitage, among others. In our online store, you can choose from some of their original works as well as their reproductions of the most astonishing examples of European artistic genius, such as:

  • the Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, the most outstanding representative of the Early Renaissance in Italy;

  • the Bather by Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain, a sensational phenomenon in the Neoclassical French art;

  • the Pieta and David by the incomparable Michelangelo, whose influence on the development of Western art has remained unparalleled ever since;

  • the Mercury by Jean de Boulogne, a Flemish genius highly praised for his masterful treatment of marble and bronze in the Late Renaissance;

  • some of the most exquisite contributions of the Ancient Greek culture to the history of European art, including the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace both dating back to the pre-Christian Era;

  • mesmerising sculptures of the commonly accepted as the greatest neoclassical artist Antonio Canova, including the Ballerina, the Venus Victrix, the Psyche and the Cupid, the Pauline Borghese, and by far the most gracious and erotic of all his work, the Three Graces series.


The physical characteristics

All the sculptures are made of marble powder, which may be white or grey upon your personal request. The bases are made of either marble or wood. Some statues can be hand-painted for an additional charge.

The statues vary in size and weight from small and light ones (26 cm, 1.1 kg) to fairly tall sculptures of over one meter that weigh as much as 43 kg.


Feel free to contact From Italy Online if you still have any questions. Otherwise, visit our online store, look through our reasonably priced marble objects and buy the ones that will most tastefully enhance your home decor with the grace and elegance of the Antique Western art.

St.Michael The Archangel marble statuette 600030039-1

  Saint Michael the Archangel is one of the most revered archangels in various religions of the..

€ 1425.00

Julius Caesar marble bust 600030005-1

 The Roman commander and statesman Julius Caesar is undoubtedly the most famous historical figu..

€ 995.00

Nero marble bust 600030044-1

The Roman emperor Nero, who ascended the throne at the age of 16, is one of the most famous and cont..

€ 995.00

Caesar Augustus marble bust 600030022-0001

Roman Emperor Caesar Octavian Augustus, great-nephew of Gaius Julius Caesar, adopted by him by will ..

€ 995.00

Brutus marble bust 600030052-1

 Roman politician and military leader, better known as the assassin of Julius Caesar.  Th..

€ 995.00

Nike of Samothrace marble statuette 600030015-1

In ancient Greek mythology, the winged goddess Nike is the ally of Zeus in his struggle against the ..

€ 960.00

Madonna with child marble statuette 600030008-1

  Madonna and Child is one of the key themes among Renaissance artists as this image begins to ..

€ 945.00

St.Michael The Archangel marble statuette 600030020-01

 Saint Michael the Archangel is one of the most revered archangels in various religions of the ..

€ 835.00

Menelaus marble bust 600030053-01

 The legendary hero of Homer's epic "Iliad", the ruler of Sparta and the husband of Helen. The..

€ 795.00

The Virgin Mary marble statuette 600030040-01

 The Virgin Mary (as well as Mary, Madonna, Saint Mary, Mother of God, Blessed Virgin) is the e..

€ 785.00

Ben-Hur Roman chariot 600030049-01

A racing Roman chariot from the famous film "Ben-Hur", embodied in marble by the Italian sculptor A...

€ 675.00

The Rape of the Sabine by Giambologna marble sculpture 600030068-1

The sculptural group "The Rape of the Sabine" was created by the Italian sculptor Giambologna in 158..

€ 665.00

David Bernini marble sculpture 600030066-1

Statue of David, created by Italian sculptor Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, commissioned by Cardinal Scip..

€ 585.00

David Michelangelo marble statuette 600030006-01

 David, who defeated Goliath and was embodied in marble by the brilliant Michelangelo, is one o..

€ 530.00

Giuseppe Verdi marble bust 600030054-1

 The greatest Italian composer of the 19th century, who wrote 26 operas, including "Aida", "Rig..

€ 495.00

Pauline Borghese by Canova marble statuette 600030002-1

  Pauline Bonaparte, sister of Emperor Napoleon I, herself posed for the Italian sculptor ..

€ 495.00

Medusa head marble statuette 600030047-01

  Medusa - in ancient Greek mythology, a monster with a woman's face and snakes instead of..

€ 470.00

Eagle marble statuette 600030050-1

In a moment - and the mighty eagle claws its prey. The author of this dynamic figurine is an Italian..

€ 445.00

St.Michael The Archangel marble statuette 600030021-01

Saint Michael the Archangel is one of the most revered archangels in various religions of the world ..

€ 435.00

Pieta Michelangelo marble statuette 600030004-01

 Pieta is a mournful image of Mary mourning Jesus Christ taken down from the cross, embodied in..

€ 435.00

Venera Italica by Canova marble statuette 600030069-01

The Venus Italica statue was created by Italian sculptor Antonio Canova in 1802 to replace the Venus..

€ 430.00

Dancer by Canova marble statuette 600030074-1

Between 1806 and 1812, the Italian sculptor Antonio Canova created three statues of dancers: the fir..

€ 429.00

Bather (Venus) Allegrain marble statuette 600030064-1

“Bather” is the most famous work of the French sculptor C.-G.Allegrain, completed by him..

€ 428.00

Chaste Venus marble statuette 600030073-1

"Chaste Venus" ("Venus Pudica") - numerous variations by various authors on the theme of the ancient..

€ 426.00

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