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Goods Delivery

Our online store fromITALYonline takes a very responsible attitude to all issues related to the process of goods delivery to our customers. We understand that any mistake in this matter can impair the pleasant shopping experience with our store and therefore we are trying to ensure that this did not happen. Certainly, the reasonable delivery cost and lead time are of primary importance for each of our customers, and it is our priority in the matter of delivery. However, there are still a lot of issues, such as the quality of packaging and quality of packing materials, which largely determine the safety of the shipped goods, simple and clear information, customer support in the course of delivery, and feedback from the customer, allowing us to improve any aspect of this complicated process. We hope you will appreciate our efforts.

So, here are our main provisions regarding the goods delivery.

1. The goods purchased by the Customer in the online store fromITALYonline shall be delivered by courier delivery services. Based on our experience, we choose a specific courier service (optimal in terms of cost and delivery time) to send goods to our customers in a particular country.

2. The cost of delivery of the goods selected by the Customer shall be calculated online during the order placement process. The cost of delivery includes mandatory cargo insurance. The cost of delivery (including insurance) of the selected product shall be paid simultaneously with payment for the product.

3. Delivery times are indicative and depend on delivery service capabilities. We reserve the right to change the service or method of delivery, provided that this shall not increase the cost of delivery to the Customer and shall not result in an inadequate change of delivery times. Such a change shall not give rise to any claim against the online store by the Customer or fines, penalties etc. for the online store.

4. We shall not be responsible to the Customer for the delivery term and the quality of services provided by the delivery service, but we are always ready to cooperate with the Customer in the event of the latter's claims related to delivery.

5. After the goods transmission to the delivery service, we send to the Customer a notice with the parcel tracking number to be able to track his/her goods using the delivery service website.

6. When you receive a parcel with goods from the delivery service, please:

- Make sure that the package is intact and there is no external damage;

- Open the parcel in the presence of the delivery service representative, if there is any external damage, sign of tampering, or suspicious noise inside the parcel;

- Note the defects of package or goods, if any, in the shipping documents of the delivery service.

The further actions of the Customer for this case are described in the "Goods quality and claims."

We would be glad for your feedback here it will help us to improve our delivery process. Thank you!

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