...a little bit about Italy and about us
Every person wants to visit Italy, and all that have, want to return there. Italy intrigues some with it's history, art or fashion; some are charmed by the panoramas and the architecture; others are attracted by the wine and the cuisine. However most people are enchanted with everything at once. And this is Italy's undeniable beauty. Leaving Italy, we try to bring back some small reminders, which later, at home, fill us with vivid memories, images and smells of Italy. Creating our website, we thought - why not make Italy a little closer to You, so that every visitor can feel as if they were on a crowded street or square of a busy Italian city, surrounded by objects which beg to be aquired.
We hope that our website can bring a piece of Italy to Your home. Ciao!
fromITALYonline team

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