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Sergio Rezni, owner

Anyone wants to visit Italy, and everyone who has visited wants to return there. Italy attracts with its history, art, fashion, landscapes and architecture, Italian cuisine and wines, as well as beautiful mountains and sea. Italy is a country that has everything and this is its alluring charm.


We were inspired by the Italian love of beauty, which is manifested in architecture, art, fashion, food, and which comes from the Italian love of life (dolce vita) - we thought - why not bring this sunny, joyful feeling into the life of everyone outside of Italy?


FromITALYonline was born in 2015 in Florence. Italy is rich and famous throughout the world for its world-class masterpieces of art. However, we will try to show you, dear friends, that Italy is also full of small amazing unknown masterpieces.


Small masterpieces are created to this day by master craftsmen who keep the traditions of generations all over Italy. These small masterpieces include little-known decorative ceramic dishes, crystal vases, Murano glass and marble figurines, chess sets, antiques and paintings by contemporary Italian artists.


All these small masterpieces of art are available to you on our website. They will bring the charm and the beauty of Italy to your home and will delight you and your relatives and friends for many years to come.


We hope that in our online store you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself, and one of our small masterpieces will become a little piece of Italy in your home..

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