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... just a little bit about Italy and about us


Everyone wants to visit Italy, and everyone who has been there wants to come back.

Italy beckons one with its history, art or fashion, with its landscapes and architecture, with Italian cuisine and wines, or with everything at once. That’s its alluring beauty.

Inspired by the Italian love for beauty, which originates from their love of life, and manifests itself in everything - in architecture, art, fashion, lifestyle – we thought – why not bring this solar, joyful sentiment into a life of a person outside Italy?

Certainly, Italy is rich and famous all over the world for its artistic masterpieces. But creating our website we sought to show you, our dear friends, that Italy is also full of small masterpieces, created by the craftsmen, maintaining the traditions of generations. These little masterpieces, be they decorative ceramic dishes or crystal vases, Murano glass or marble statuettes, antiques or paintings by Italian artists, are also available to you, they will bring beauty and charm to your home and will delight you and your friends.

We hope that you will find a lot of interesting things in our online store, and that our website will help you build a little Italy in your home.


                     Your FROMITALYONLINE  team