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"Peripezie d'uno sguardo" (Peripetia of one glance) Luciano Pasquini (oil on canvas, 180 х 60 см, 2016)

  "Peripezie d'uno sguadro" (Peripetia of one glance) - a picturesque canvas in yellow color depicting the autumn landscape in Tuscany. 

The author is an Italian artist Luciano Pasquini living in Tuscany.

Oil on canvas, 70.9” x 23.6” (180x60 cm), 2016. Weight 7.0 lbs (3.2 kg).
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  • 0.00 cm x 180.00 cm x 60.00 cm
  • 3.20 kg
  • Price: € 5760.00

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