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Italians – Masters of Marble Sculpture

As is well known, Italian marble sculpture, for the most part, consists of replicas of Greek bronze originals. That is, the Italians of the beginning of the first millennium were like the Chinese today, creating indistinguishable copies of iPhones, MacBooks, Mercedes, etc. Interestingly, most buyers today hardly know the bronze originals, while the marble copies are recognized as models of sculpture art.

Generally speaking, marble statues and other marble products at statue shops are works of art that have their own very specific character and their own image, which are unlikely to fit every interior and, most likely, everyone's taste. Therefore, the circle of sculpture experts is noticeably smaller than, say, that of experts in the field of painting.

The Value of Sculpture

In Ancient Rome, it was believed that the sculptor created his works of art with the help of divine inspiration, and transferred this inspiration to the marble. Philosophers had a riddle – how can a soulless stone remain the same stone, yet at the same time turn into a living image? Many Italian marble sculptures were made with impeccable quality in order to decorate the villas of patricians and emperors. Architects installed them in arches, in the colonnades of palaces, in luxurious pools. The Roman nobles were very fond of Greek art. Ordering copies of ancient statues from contemporary sculptors, they, too, partook of the Greek culture. In the art of fine sculpting and the masterful transmission of the play of light and shadow onto marble, the Greek sculptors had no equals.

Stages of the Development of Sculpture Art

From the classical Roma sculptures, to those of the Ottonian Renaissance, through Quattrocento to the marble veil technique developed in the 17th century,

All in all, marble sculpture is really what the Italians do like no one else does. The names of sculptors like Donatello, Michelozzo and Pisanello have gone down in history. You have surely heard about the talent of Italian sculptors, and probably seen what antique Italian sculptures look like.

How can you buy Italian sculpture without letting yourself be cheated?

The wide and well-deserved admiration of Italian sculptures is the reason why so many imitation sculptures are made to this day. The wide range of antique Italian sculptures on the market can make it difficult to pick out originals:

  • The purchase of antiques often makes the most sense when it's done with thought of future prospects. As you know, your investment will only be profitable if you managed to buy it without overpaying.
  • Meanwhile, many sculpture stores unduly overprice authentic Italian sculptures, setting prices much higher than market levels.  And some replace the originals with fakes at the same time.
  • Buyers often turn to experts and statue stores, but sometimes experts are more interested in solving their own financial problems by promoting statues for sale.
  • As you can see, the antique marble sculpture market is far from safe for novice investors, but don't despair just yet. Our online store is a domain of authenticity, there are no fakes or inflated prices. Descriptions of all products are accurate. The value of the Italian statues in our catalog will grow with time.
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