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Height of vase/amphora
Small (up to 16" (40 cm))
Predominant color

LOW POUNCHY AMPHORA with a spout 0072 H33 cm

Authentic Tuscan low pounchy ceramic amphora is a product of artistic value, the painting of which entirely done by the hand of an artist, continuing the traditions of old masters from Tuscany (Italy), where the art of painting on ceramics originated in the middle of the 14th century.   

- Height 13.0" (33 cm), weight 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg).

- Certificate of authenticity

- If not in stock, shipment is carried out within 30 days after payment.

Note: this product each time is created for You manually, and therefore its physical parameters, as well as its decorative design and color scheme may differ slightly from those on the website. Thank You for understanding!

  • Product Code: 500080072
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  • 36.00 cm x 36.00 cm x 33.00 cm
  • 8.40 kg
  • Price: € 305.00