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Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo

The are many famous and beautiful lakes in Italy, but nevertheless Lake Iseo attracts with its charm. Located in the north of Italy, between the cities of Bergamo and Brescia, it beckons to itself a natural, non-tourist beauty. The low-lying southern shore, which borders the famous wine zone of Franciacorta (where produced the franciacorta wine - the Italian analog of champagne) and the narrow stripes of the western and eastern shores, over which the mountains overgrown with dense forest rise. On Iseo - the largest lake island in Europe (it is called the Monte-Isola), on which towers the temple of the Madonna di Ceriola, and is the charming and famous for the whole world private island of Loreto. And also - a huge gilded statue of The Christ, something reminiscent of the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro. And yet - the lake is just very beautiful ...

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