Italian decor
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Plate shape
Plate diameter
22" - 30" (56 -76 cm)

DECORATIVE CERAMIC PLATE (Deruta, Italy, 20th century)

 Authentic Deruta decorative ceramic plate is a product of high artistic value, the painting of which entirely done by the hand of an artist, continuing the traditions of old masters from Deruta - a small town in Umbria (Italy), where the art of painting on ceramics originated in the middle of the 13th century. The plate is painted in Byzantine style (the Byzantine mosaic effect) and depicts Emperor Justinian. Authorship - studio Gialletti-Pimpinelli (signature on the back of the plate).
The plate has a sealed crack, imperceptible from the front (see photo gallery).
Diameter 24.0" (61 cm), weight 13.9 lbs (6.3 kg).
The plate was purchased at an antique auction in Italy.
The official permission of the Italian authorities to export outside of Italy and the European Community. 
Shipment is carried out immediately after payment.

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  • 61.00 cm x 0.00 cm x 0.00 cm
  • 6.30 kg
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